About us

Armadio di Cane is a company established by eager and enthusiastic people aiming to manufacture products that will make your life, as well as that of your pet, easier.

Our premises are located in the industrial zone (VIPE) of Megara, while the company operates under the patronage of the renowned company Anestis Panoelias Bros, which is engaged in timber wood manufacture and painting.

Our vision at Armadio di Cane is to serve our clients as well as possible, through our expedient methods to respond to your needs in the best as well as in the most economical way..

Our experience, our know-how and the well-trained staff render us the ideal partner in all circumstances.
Our company headquarters are in Megara, Attica, on privately-owned premises of 2,500 square metres.

You will find below some pictures of our manufacturing unit.